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What are Building Regulations?

Building Regulations are minimum standards for design, construction and alterations to virtually every building and relate to how a building should be constructed. The regulations aredeveloped by the UK governmentand approved by Parliament.  Not to be confused with Planning Permission that relates to permission for the erection or alterations to a building to be done.  Building regulations approval is different fromplanning permission and you might need both for your project.

TheBuilding Regulations 2010cover the construction and extension of buildings and these regulations are supported by what are called Approved Documents.  Approved Documents set out detailed practical guidance on compliance with the regulations.  You can apply to any local authority building control department or Approved Inspector for building regulations approval.  The About Us at Contour Architectural Designs ("Contour Designs") have been providing advice and guidance on building regulations for over 70 years collectively.

You can check out a helpful guide on the Building Regulations on the LABC website here.

Who is responsible for checking adherence to Building Regulations?

The local council has a building control department who are responsible for ensuring all buildings are designed and constructed in line with building regulations.  Contour Designs will be able to advise you whether your project is subject to building regulations.  The following points will give you some idea of what works may or may not fall under the building regulations criteria, but this is not an exclusive or exhaustive list.

Do I need Building Regulation approval to convert my garage?

Yes if you are going to construct a new doorway or opening or make the space a habitable area.

Do I need Building Regulation Approval to convert my loft?

Yes again if you are going make the space a habitable area.

Do I need Building Regulation Approval to underpin foundations?

Yes again as the building regulations specifically define this as Building Work.

Do I need Building Regulation Approval to build a new property on an existing bit of land?

Yes as it will be classed as a new build property.

Do I need Building Regulation Approval to carry out repairs and maintenance work on a property?

No, repairs and maintenance does not fall under the criteria for building regulations but if the works are extensive and include structural changes you can speak to Contour Designs if you are in any doubt about whether approval will need to be obtained beforehand.

Do I need Building Approval to replace internal fittings in my home?

No. Internal fittings do not fall under the criteria for building regulations.

How long do I have to commence the works?

Once your application has been approved, you have three years in which to commence the works. Once works have commenced and a commencement inspection has been completed the application will last indefinitely.

Will the work need to be signed off by anybody?

Officers from the local council building control department will make routine site inspections at various stages of the works in relation to, but not exclusively:

  1. extensions
  2. loft conversions
  3. garage conversions

Once the work is underway it is your responsibility to give Building Control sufficient time to inspect the work.  Otherwise Building Control may ask for works to be opened up for inspection which will bring additional cost and disruptions to your project.  Countour Designs will be able to advise you whether your project requires to be signed off.

What happens if I have already started or completed work without approval?

You can submit an application to the local council for Regularisation.  If this application is accepted the works will be inspected and you may be asked to open up some work and/or carry out tests to prove compliance. If the building control is content a Regularisation Certificate can be issued.  However, if the council considers that the building work doesn’t comply with building regulations then you will not be issued with a completion certificate.  This will then show up on any land searches that may take place should you wish to sell the property at a later date.

Am I responsible for ensuring Building Regulations are met?

As the building’s owner, yes you have the ultimate responsibility to ensure that building regulations are adhered to, however your builder should on a day-to-day basis ensure that the work being carried out is compliant with building regulations.

Can I be fined or have enforcement notices issued against me if I don’t comply with Building Regulations?

Yes, you can be prosecuted by the local council under the Building Act 1948 for up to two years after the work has been completed.  However the council may decide to serve an enforcement notice instead requiring the works to be altered or removed completely at your expense.

What do I need to do now?

If you want see how Contour Designs can help you with your building regulations application, why not take a look at our website -  www.contour-designs.co.uk to find out more.  If you want to see what other services Contour Designs offer, these are listed under our Services page.  Alternatively, you can contact us directly using our Contact Us if you have specific questions or want to arrange an initial consultation.

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